ZNW Newsletter – December 2016


December – Crime

December did not start well, with 3 incidents taking place on the 2nd and another 9 taking place up to and including the 29th making a total of 12 for the month. Of these 4 were attempts, 1 was the attempted car theft in the main beach car park at the Ski Boat Club, the rest were positive break-ins. This compares very unfavourably with the 5 incidents in December 2015, despite additional efforts being made this year in the form of a message on the WhatsApp groups to arm alarm systems, a well worded flyer listing security precautions to be observed and to be vigilant and extra guards which included handler and an attack dog which started on the 8th and will go through to the 9th January 2017.

New Year ’s Day

New Year’s Day and the second of January 2017 were the best controlled we have had. Contributing to this was the lowest number of one day visitors we have ever had.

The authorities made a change to the original plan in that all vehicles were directed down Nkwazi Drive and taxi’s out via Glen (this is their prerogative) but due to the reduced traffic volumes this posed no problem in the village.

There were 35 security officers from Protection Services (traffic), SAPS and Alpha Security who performed their duties in the fierce heat in an exemplary and professional manner often under difficult circumstances.

The day started slowly with the main build- up of traffic commencing from midday. At times vehicles were backed up past the chicken farm. These delays were caused by the searching of vehicles for alcohol, drugs and weapons.

(There was evidence of a more discerning element amongst our day visitors this year judging by the number of imported beer, vodka and Johnny Walker Black bottles and boxes picked up at the entrance on Monday the 2nd).

There were thirteen (13) arrests for DUI (driving under the influence) and four(4) arrests for causing disturbances.

Monday 2nd January 2017 was controlled by 25 officers from Protection Services (traffic) and police and the day was uneventful.

Thank you to all our residents and visitors for their forbearance and patience during this period.

Thank you to all the security officers and thank you to the beach cleaners who did a fantastic job of cleaning up the village.

We wish you all a happy safe and prosperous 2017.