Our role and function, as mandated by our members, who constitute the majority of the Zinkwazi community, is to pursue the following objectives for the benefit of Zinkwazi:

  1. Service Delivery.
    To engage with and maintain a good working relationship with all service providers to strive to ensure a reliable, high standard of services to the community such as water, power, roads and verges, refuse, storm water, sewage, public facilities and signage, public lighting, traffic control, beaches and recreational amenities etc.
  2. Town planning.
    To strive to protect the character and ‘sense of place’ of Zinkwazi by monitoring infringements and relaxation/change of use applications which could be against the wishes of the community. To develop policy guidelines to be applied to the future development of the village.
  3. Protection of our Investment.
    To maintain and improve the value of individual and community investment in Zinkwazi.
  4. Environment
    To liaise with all relevant bodies to ensure the implementation of acceptable environmental practices and to protect our natural environment including the admiralty reserve, beaches, lagoon and surrounding areas.
  5. Planning
    To pro-actively engage with all planning initiatives that may affect the future of our community. To promote the provision of required infrastructure. Of particular concern currently are the protection of our beaches and the rehabilitation and development of our beach facilities.
  6. Rates and Taxes
    To monitor the equitable and fair application of rates and taxes and to interact with the authorities accordingly.
  7. Co-operation
    To liaise with other like-minded bodies for the benefit of our community.
  8. Communication
    To effectively communicate with our members and to inform them of all relevant issues of individual or community concern.


We need you to support our initiative to work and liaise with the KwaDukuza Municipality regarding matters of rates and taxes, road maintenance, water & electricity supply, beach control, refuse removal, local development, security services and other related matters. To protect the natural environment that makes Zinkwazi so special.

If you wish to join, please download the form below and send it back to Gail Harris our Administration Manager at zbrra@sugarbay.co.za

Of utmost importance is the payment method and your contact information. An e-mail address will assist with our communication with you enormously.

Thank you!

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